Interview with our CEO Jordi Ferré

March 2, 2021
Interview with our CEO Jordi Ferré

Today we interview our CEO Jordi Ferré who talks about his personal journey with innovation and technology and shares the story behind how Kamleon was founded, its vision and uniqueness, and how it has evolved since its foundation.

1- Tell us about your professional journey. How did you get into innovation, technology and the entrepreneurial world ?

Since the very beginning, it was clear that I would dedicate myself to my passion: sports and physiology. My journey with innovation and technology started when I was practicing triathlon at the elite level and I had the opportunity to get a four-year scholarship at the Olympic High Performance Center. As you know, Triathlon is a physically demanding sport that requires dedication and perseverance, so during my strenuous training time at the Olympic Performance Center, I became extremely curious about how to track my body, and I realized that performance tracking for athletes was still unexplored and underdeveloped to be implemented on a daily basis. When I decided to end my career in sports, I focused all my energy on my studies and moved to the UK to study at the Research Institute of Sports and Exercise Sciences (RISES) at Liverpool John Moores University where I specialized in Exercise Physiology.
After that, I had the privilege of working at the US Olympic Committee where I participated in the creation of the innovation and technology department based in Silicon Valley, just before the JJOO Rio Olympic Games where Team USA achieved a historical record high of 121 medals. During this time, I was appointed as Head of Wearables and Embedded Tech platform at Department of Analytical & Organic Chemistry at the University Rovira and Virgili, where we were developing cutting edge embedded technologies for physiological monitoring applied to sports and wellbeing. My work with the University led me to a scholarship in Boston, where I was immersed in the innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship ecosystem and motivated me to go further in this field.
After my different stays in the US and other work experiences and advisory roles that I have in this field that allowed me to meet with very inspirational people who also mentored and are still mentoring me, I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey and pioneer different highly innovative entrepreneurial initiatives around my ‘passion topics’. During the thought process, I envisioned the societal changes, and I realized the potential of technology not as an end but as an enabler, given the increasing possibilities allowed by so many technological revolutions. Today technology is unraveling possibilities and opportunities that were unimaginable before, and I think through innovation and entrepreneurship we can bring these new solutions to society.

2- What inspired you to start the company? What is the story behind ?