Interview with our R&D Product Engineer Josep Masó

July 7, 2021
Interview with our R&D Product Engineer Josep Masó

Today we speak with Josep Masó, R&D Product Engineer at Kamleon, to learn more about his professional experience in the field of technology and innovation and his aspirations for the future with Kamleon.

1- Tell us a little about your professional background.

My professional background from early on was in research and development. I finished my Master’s in Telecommunication Engineering from La Salle Ramon Llull University, and I am working now on my PhD thesis on ionospheric telecommunications in Antarctica.

In 2016 I had the opportunity to join a project with GRITS (Research Group on Internet Technologies & Storage) at the engineering department of La Salle. My role was to develop a low power ionospheric telecommunication system for remote sensors and to research improvements of ionospheric communications, which were published in several international articles. One of the opportunities and challenges I had while working on this project was implementing and making part of the research in Antarctica on the Juan Carlos I Spanish Base during all the 2018-2019 Spanish Campaign.

2- Can you give us an overview of your role at Kamleon?

My role at Kamleon is focused on engineering product development and innovation research. My daily tasks include a wide range of technology stack, depending on the improvements required to achieve the product Firmware, Software and part of the Hardware. Also, my role in innovation research is about developing the product’s engineering new features, which will be validated and tested to be implemented on the product.

3- What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

The innovation and development of a new product are always challenging because the main improvements or features to implement are always totally different and can quickly change. Also, this is one of the aspects that I value most about working at Kamleon, because behind all the challenges achieved, I can learn and increase my skills in several engineering languages and systems.

4-  What are your expectations for the near future? What do you hope to achieve with Kamleon?

My expectations for the near future are to scale up the pilots that we are performing to provide the best possible product based on the user’s feedback and to launch the product according to their insights. Therefore, I hope to achieve the launch of the market product and the company’s scale-up with the daily effort and motivation of all the Kamleon team.