Interview with our Product Design Engineer Mariona Busto

March 31, 2021
Interview with our Product Design Engineer Mariona Busto

Today we interview our Product Design Engineer Mariona Busto who talks about her background in product design and her role at Kamleon.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background in product engineering & design?
I studied Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development at ELISAVA in Barcelona. I also completed six months at Politecnico di Milano where I worked on a project in collaboration with the Vitec Group. For my final project, I designed the seating area for a tourist submarine for Triton Submarines. I started at Kamleon as an intern, and I have been working as a product design engineer since September 2020.

What is the most exciting part of being at Kamleon?
Working at Kamleon is very dynamic; each day brings something different, a new challenge. It is also very hands-on, so it provides the perfect environment for learning and producing. It keeps my mind active and inspired. The work is very interdisciplinary, so it is very nourishing too. We all work towards the same goals, which is very important when the team works very closely together.

What is your role at Kamleon,  and how do you see your role evolving in the future?
At Kamleon, as a Product Designer Engineer, I assist with the product design, digital design and graphic design. My work involves prototyping and testing any type of change that we may do to the urinalysis cartridge itself, I help with the design of the architecture and the visual proposal for the digital interfaces of our product. I also create any type of graphic content for projects, documents and presentations.
I hope in the near future to take on more responsibilities within the project now that we are entering a key stage for the launch of our product to the market.

What do you expect for the company in 2021?
I hope we can run several Pilots to validate our product in real context and get feedback from both athletes and professionals to refine the final design before launching the first units. I would love to see by the end of the year the first urinals installed in sports centers.