Interview with our Marketing & Communication trainee Marta Gómez

November 25, 2021
Interview with our Marketing & Communication trainee Marta Gómez

Today we speak with Marta Gómez, our Marketing and Communication trainee, to learn more about her background in sports & marketing, her role at Kamleon, and her aspirations for the future with the company.

1- Tell us a little about your education and professional background.

I’m a technician in adventure sports, a superior technician in physical activities and sports, and a technician in lifesaving. Currently, I’m finishing my Degree in Sciences & Technologies Applied to Sports.

As for my work experience, I have always worked in the sports sector. I’ve been in the sector for 7 years, but these last 2 years I have focused on sports marketing. First, I did a MK & CRM internship at the Catalan Sports Cluster (INDESCAT). Now, I’m one of the MK managers at Camping El Pasqualet, which focuses on mountain sports, padel & wellness, and I’m also helping to manage the Social Media to Los Leyendas, which organizes eSports tournaments.

I love being in exciting projects, so I am so glad to be part of Kamleon’s team.


2- How did you start at Kamleon and what is your role?

While I was working at Indescat, I interviewed our CEO, Jordi Ferré. He talked about the project and I found it really interesting. After the interview, I was so curious that I started to look for more information about Kamleon and what they were doing. I didn’t find much information and I realized they weren’t very active on social media. That same week, I contacted Jordi and proposed to help them with all the Marketing and Communication. He told me that they just wanted to start boosting marketing, so I can say that I contacted him at the right time. 

Currently, my role is to design the marketing strategy together with Jordi and create weekly content to post on Social Media. I also manage the CRM and I give support in the creation of databases, among other things. 


3 – What do you like most about working at a startup such as Kamleon?

Many things. To get started, it’s incredible to be part of a project like this from practically the beginning. Be able to see how the smart toilet is evolving and getting closer and closer to the market. It’s a really motivating project since there’s nothing similar and it can be game-changing: a new way of conceiving toilets, leaving behind the traditional urinalysis, generating greater awareness about the importance of hydration, causing a change in habits and better physical and mental health, in short, a revolution in every sense, a product that will change people’s lives.

In addition, the project combines science, technology, and sport, which is just what I’m studying, and also my passion.

Moreover, it’s a privilege to be surrounded by so much talent from which I can learn a lot. And there’s also an amazing work environment. I’m very grateful for the great reception and how they’ve placed their trust in me.


4-  What are your expectations for the near future? What do you hope to achieve with Kamleon?

I’d like to grow as a professional while the company also grows. At this moment, I’m the only person responsible for Marketing and Communication. Hopefully, in the future, I can lead this department. That would be a dream come true. But, obviously, I still have a lot to learn and that’s why this month I will start a Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media.