Interview with our Lead Innovation Designer Pär Blanking

February 10, 2022

In today’s interview, we meet Pär Blanking, Lead Innovation Designer at Kamleon, who is very experienced in the area of disruptive innovation, design thinking and new product development. Learn more about his role and expectations at Kamleon, and discover his journey, which passed through companies such as Unilever, Ferrari and Pininfarina!

1- Can you tell us a little about your background in innovation & technology?
I have deep experience in the area of disruptive innovation, design thinking and new business opportunities, new product development and new concept generation. I designed in collaboration with the front-end research in companies such as Unilever, Ferrari and Pininfarina. I also do design, testing and iteration of prototypes for wearable and in situ chemical and spectrometric sensors to measure health status and wellbeing in humans. Furthermore, I do research and development of chemical nanosensors to generate decentralized technological platforms for real-time, non-invasive and ultra-low-cost monitoring of physiological parameters and ideation of embedded and design-driven concepts with the aim to reduce the end-user barriers of adoption. Plus, I have ample experience in 3D printing and preparation of design files for 3D printing in SLS, DLS, FDM, etc.

2- Can you give us an overview of your role at the company?
In Kamleon, I’m the lead innovation designer which means I work a lot with the development of the prototypes we’re developing for our platform. It’s a close collaboration with Laia taking charge of the scientific area in Kamleon, with our engineers developing the hardware of our platform and also with our 3D-printing suppliers providing us with the plastic parts that make. It’s a very dynamic role where every day has its unique set of tasks.

3- What is the most exciting part of being at Kamleon?
The most exciting part is that we are on a journey of helping a lot of people on a global scale. Many of them are vulnerable health-wise, and Kamleon helps them to become healthier. Bad hydration habits is a global problem that affects us all, and I’m thrilled to see that basically everyone that tries our digital hydration awareness system quickly becomes more aware of how they can change their drinking habits with a very low pain of adoption threshold.

4- What do you expect for the company in 2022?
I expect that Kamleon continues to grow the size of its team and doing so maintains the very nice group dynamic that we have. That we expand even further the number of high profile partnerships already established that are using our system, and that we attract more investors supporting this beautiful project set to change the health habits of the people.