Case Study: Implementing the S-Urinal with the French Olympic Training Center

April 21, 2021
Case Study: Implementing the S-Urinal with the French Olympic Training Center

Kamleon partnered with the French Olympic Training Center at CREPS Font Romeu to implement the S-Urinal, a new unique and seamless monitoring platform to monitor hydration, raising awareness from 0 up to 96 %, improving adherence up to 100 %, overall hydration up to 16 % and reducing the cost of monitoring x55 compared with current systems.

1- The Challenge: Dehydration in athletes

Hydration is one of the most fundamental aspects for athletes to have a good performance, yet 55 % of athletes are dehydrated on a daily basis. According to our pilot study at the French Olympic Training Center in Font Romeu, 84 % of the athletes are not tracking hydration on a daily basis. Among the main factors contributing to dehydration is the lack of awareness driven by the lack of tools to monitor hydration and poor hydration habits. 

2- The Approach: Turning everyday objects into unique seamless monitoring platforms

The S-urinal is a unique seamless monitoring platform that turns an everyday urinal into a non-invasive, extremely simple and real-time biochemical monitoring platform. The S-urinal simplifies the urinalysis data collection,  data analysis and immediately shares the data with the sports professional for team monitoring, personalized feedback and recommendations. 

3- The Outcomes:

  • Improved awareness: The S-urinal improved the hydration awareness among athletes from 0 to 96%. Most athletes were not tracking hydration on a daily basis and therefore hydration was not top of mind.
  • Improved adherence: The S-urinal was embedded into the athletes’ daily routine, hence reducing the barriers of adoption and increasing the usage through a unique user experience. In fact, 100% of the athletes were using the S-urinal on a daily basis.
  • Improved hydration: As a result of improved awareness and use adherence, athletes were able to change their behaviour and improved overall hydration by 16%. 
  • Reduced cost of analysis: Current systems that  monitor hydration require professionals to collect and handle the urine, the use of consumables to store and perform the urinalysis, as well as the time to conduct the overall analysis. Each analysis is estimated to cost +/- 2.75€. The S-urinal simplifies the process and reduces the cost to around 0.05 € (x55 times reduction).