March 2, 2021

Interview with our CEO Jordi Ferré

Today we interview our CEO Jordi Ferré who talks about his personal journey with innovation and technology and shares the story behind how Kamleon was founded, its vision and uniqueness, and how it has evolved since its foundation.

1- Tell us about your professional journey. How did you get into innovation, technology and the entrepreneurial world ? Since the very beginning, it was clear that I would dedicate myself to my passion: sports and ...
January 27, 2021

Piloting: Bringing Disruptive Innovation to the Market

At Kamleon we are delighted to announce the official launch of our OPEN PILOT PROGRAM, which will start implementing our new smart urinalysis solution with exclusive worldwide partners throughout 2021. The pilot program is a unique opportunity to implement our products and services during the final development stages before they become more available in the market. 

The pilot will allow us to validate some of our core assumptions, optimize customer experience, and define key attributes of the value propositions. As such, they are based on five main considerations:  1/ Explore ...