Kamleon and the French Olympic Training Center announce strategic partnership: Road to Tokyo 2021

January 14, 2021

Kamleon is launching its first pilot project – Road to Tokyo 2021 – at the National French Olympic Training Center located at CREPS CNEA Font Romeu. In preparation for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, the Training Center is undergoing an innovative renovation of its sports facilities, which will be equipped with the latest technological solutions for the tracking of athletes’ performance. Kamleon’s products will make part of the renovation project where our unique seamless and effortless urinalysis system integrated within the urinals will give athletes the necessary personalized recommendations for optimal nutrition and hydration, aid their recovery process, and ultimately contribute to optimizing their performances. 

“Partnering with Kamleon, and thanks to its cutting-edge technology, we are aiming to implement a new monitoring solution embedded in the sports center that will allow us to track on a daily basis large amounts of meaningful data that we have not been able to collect until now. With Paris 2024 olympic games on the horizon, our target is to become a worldwide reference for a smart sports venue. We also aim to implement integral monitoring solutions, such as Athlete 360 national project, which envisions optimizing athletes’ training process by collecting large amounts of data for a comprehensive overview of the athlete.” – Said Nicolas Bourrel CREPS CNEA Head of Performance Services.

Fifty swimming, pentathlon and triathlon athletes from different national olympic teams from France and Spain, including Olympic, National, and European champions will participate in the first phase of the pilot program. Trials will take place over one month where Kamleon will analyse around 1,500 urine samples in gold standard laboratory equipment, as well as through the smart urinal, to assess the validity and reproducibility of the technology. Furthermore, the data collected will serve to optimize different algorithms powered by advanced machine-learning models that will provide novel insights about how the body works and what it needs.

“Engaging with top athletes, coaches and other applied sport sciences professionals from different nationalities is key in the development process in order to capture early feedback and iterate rapidly. Also, having access to a large amount of data helps us to speed up our machine-learning activities that will allow us to refine our intelligent engine for further pilot phases” – Said  Jordi Ferré, CEO of Kamleon

 In the second phase of the pilot program, the Kamleon team will test the full user experience and will conduct different workshops with athletes, coaches and professional staff to collect feedback and unlock new insights that will serve to refine the product development process.

The entire Kamleon team is eager to start this pilot program with the National French Olympic Training Center, and we are looking forward to fine tuning our products and services to better serve the athletes in their path of achieving their goals and dreams!

About Kamleon: 

Kamleon is a highly innovative science-based company based in Barcelona focused on reshaping the future of health and wellbeing. As a spin-off company from the University Rovira & Virgili (URV) we aim to decentralize laboratory analysis by turning toilets into effortlessly, non-invasive and real time monitoring platforms on a daily basis. Furthermore, we are transforming through artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms a new whole level of data to unlock meaningful patterns and provide actionable insights about how our body works and what we need.

About CREPS CNEA Font Romeu: 

For over 50 years, the National Altitude Training Center has welcomed athletes from 35 countries that compete in over one hundred different sporting events. More than 200 athletes that came to train at Font-Romeu went on to win Olympic Medals that same year. Thanks to our experience in high performance training, we have developed infrastructures to accommodate your needs, and allow you to gain valuable experience on all aspects of performance. We work closely with coaches and teams to develop the most efficient strategies to build on your athlete’s qualities and work on their weaknesses. At the heart of our philosophy is communication, reflection and innovation.