Kamleon partners with Hospital del Mar & Aigües de Barcelona to pilot new S-urinal innovation to improve hydration in elderly population

January 20, 2022

Kamleon, Hospital del Mar and the company Aigües de Barcelona are collaborating in the pilot project of the smart urinal, a novel platform that allows users to analyze and monitor the level of hydration in real-time without changing their daily habit: Going to the toilet. The system evaluates hydration non-invasively through urine, analyzing various parameters, and offering users a simple way to remember the need to drink and hydrate regularly as well as to simultaneously inform professionals through a complete digital platform composed of different softwares and apps. The pilot test takes place at the Geriatrics Day Hospital of the Hospital del Mar Forum Center.

“Implement new monitoring technologies without requiring trained professionals with eldery people is a breakthrough because this population group always requires supervision and help. Our system is extremely simple to use as we turn the urinal into an urinalysis monitoring station. In this pilot we want to test the adoption and adherence of using the system in an autonomous way” – Jordi Ferré, CEO of Kamleon

Today, more than half of the population suffers from dehydration, a percentage that rises to over 70% in the case of elderly people. Dehydration is a main risk factor for chronic conditions such as chronic kidney disease, urinary tract disease, kidney stones, or heart failure. It also has a direct impact on people’s daily well-being due to impaired cognitive system, mood, and physical performance, among others

“Through this pilot project we want to contribute to raising awareness, educate and promote better hydration habits and thus improve the well-being and health of people” – Catalina Balseiro – Chief Innovation & Knowledge Officer at Aigües de Barcelona

The partnership will allow Hospital del Mar to monitor at scale different patients on a daily basis without adding cost that makes current monitoring practices not viable as they require constant use of consumables, the need of trained professionals and data is not digitized for better decision-making.

“In elderly people it is much easier to suffer dehydration because of an impairment of the thirst mechanism. The S-urinal will help our patients to be more aware of their hydration and make an actionable decision” – Dra. Olga Vázquez, head of the Geriatrics Service at the Hospital del Mar

Kamleon is currently working on a new model of the smart urinal for both genders and is looking into other biomarkers. A project for the future, in the words of the Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Hospital del Mar, Dr. Jordi Martínez, who pointed out that “this is the beginning of a longer journey between the three entities that are part of the project. The idea is to walk together, collaborating to be able to analyze with this platform new parameters through the urine according to the needs of the health center”.