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Cèlia Marquès

A former professional athlete with strong hard-work and resilient spirit. Cèlia, an Industrial Design Engineer, engaged in a collaborative project with DNV GL during her international exchange program at NTNU in Norway. Cèlia’s expertise lies in User Experience, having achieved a Master’s program at ELISAVA. She shapes solution-driven product and service ecosystems tailored to specific user needs and creates unparalleled user experiences. Prior to joining Kamleon, Cèlia held various strategic roles at a rapidly expanding European startup during the company’s period of accelerated growth.

Mauro Barrera

Mauro is one of our rising engineering stars currently finishing Industrial Design Engineering at ELISAVA, where he specializes in parametric and computational modeling. At Kamleon, he plays a crucial role in developing and prototyping a diverse array of products that the company needs. Mauro has strong creativity and problem-solving capacity combined with deep technical capabilities to develop outstanding solutions.

Valentino Asole

Valentino is a highly talented mechanical engineer graduated from Politecnico di Milano and holds an MSc in Interdisciplinary and Innovative Engineering from UPC, focusing on software programming and computer vision for biomedical applications. He led the vehicle homologation team at Bonetti SRL in Italy and later played a pivotal role in developing a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for detecting and classifying retinopathy of prematurity at the innovation center of Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. Valentino has strong analytical skills and collaborative capacity empowered by its positive character.

Laia Alentorn

Laia is a Chemistry graduate with a specialization in analytical chemistry and biosensors, holds a master’s degree in new tools for advancing the chemical industry. Her background includes active involvement in the nanoscience and nanotechnology laboratory team at the University Rovira & Virgili (URV), where she optimized electrochemical sensors and optical systems for non-invasive bio-fluid analysis, particularly in urine. Prior to join Kamleon, she gained deep experience in different industrial companies developing quality control systems. Laia has a strong team-work spirit and adaptability to overcome any challenge.

Daniel Vea

Daniel is a versatile electronic systems engineer from La Salle – Universitat Ramon Llull. Daniel has worked in start-ups, consulting and corporations being the latest one Wallabox (first Spanish Hardware-based unicorn listed at the NYSE). He also worked in aerospace at an Oxford-based company developing artificial nanosatellites and multinational companies such as Hewlett Packard (HP).  Daniel has strong complex problem-solving capacity and was the winner of the prestigious International “Intel Modern Code Challenge” organized by INTEL and CERN.

Adrià Arnaste

Adrià is a product designer and biomedical engineer, co-founded and served as the Chief Design Officer at elarco, a Red Dot Award-winning design consultancy firm in Barcelona. He also held the position of Senior Lecturer for Engineering in Product Design at ELISAVA. Combining both disciplines, Adrià is committed to advancing product development through a human-centered design approach. Over the last 10 years, he has worked in projects involving assistive devices, immersive technologies, and biomedical design with companies and institutions across Europe, China, and the Middle East.

Gonzalo Roca

Gonzalo is our dynamic Business Development Director, a visionary leader with a prestigious PDG degree from IESE Business School. With profound business strategy knowledge, Gonzalo excels in uncovering growth prospects and fostering invaluable client relationships. His unparalleled sales acumen and experience at BBVA and Johnson & Johnson make him an indispensable team member, contributing diverse expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Jordi Ferré

Jordi is an exercise physiologist from the Research Institute of Sports & Exercise Science (RISES) at LJMU in the UK. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur he worked and collaborated with several professional sports organizations including FC Barcelona and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) launching the new innovation and technology department. Trained in innovation & entrepreneurship in the heart of the boston ecosystem Jordi co-founded in the Silicon Valley, N3XT Sports, a leading sporstech company propelling the sports industry. Former professional athlete, Jordi enjoys creating new disruptive value propositions and global companies from Barcelona.